AIPF Convention in Patna

Patna Chapter of All India People’s Forum (AIPF) organised a convention on 4 April in IMA Hall in Patna on ‘Bihar Model of Struggle against Fascism’. This was presided over by renowned educationist Ghalib, and addressed by CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya, social activist Sarafraj, Dr. Vidyarthi Vikas of AN Sinha Institute, Patna and AIPWA general secretary Meena Tiwari. AIPF convenor Kamlesh Sharma conducted the proceedings.

Comrade Dipankar in his address condemned recent incidents of communal violence in Bihar Sharif and Sasaram, and said that the fascist forces have deliberately chosen these towns for perpetrating violence in order to further their agenda and we all must be more vigilant in future to defeat such designs. The burning to ashes of more than 100 years old Azizia Madarsa was an attempt to wipe out the rich legacy and memories of that historical place. He added that Amit Shah held a rally the next day in Nawada to further fan communal tension. He did not appeal for peace, instead tried to use communal violence incidents to amass votes in the next elections. When Amit Shah said that the BJP has maintained permanent peace in Gujarat, he only meant in code words that riots and attacks on muslims should continue. This is the Gujarat model based on massacres of minorities and violence. Wherever non-BJP parties are ruling in states, BJP is trying to apply this same model these days.

Comrade Dipankar said that now it is time that the Bihar model of fight against fascism be adopted in all states. Bihar model is the model of strengthening mass movements against feudal-communal attacks on society. Bihar has always rejected the political model that defends perpetrators and massacres and violence, and this is the guarantee that Bihar will never become like Gujarat.

He also criticised Bihar CM Nitish Kumar as he failed to contain the communal frenzy during the last few weeks although he tried to boast himself to champion ‘sushashan’ (good governance). CPIML General Secretary said that we must work for establishing and strengthening peace and harmony in the state. This is the same Bihar which had stopped Advani’s Rath Yatra, the Mahagathbandhan government must take this tradition of fighting with communal forces with same seriousness. After being ousted from power the BJP is hell bent on disturbing the peace and harmony, in order to make Bihar another Gujarat. The Mahagathbandhan government must take inspiration from Bihar’s glorious legacy to fulfil the huge and justified expectations of the people of Bihar. If this government runs to satisfy people’s expectations there can be no doubt that the people will not give even a single seat to BJP in the forthcoming elections of year 2024.

Dr. Vidyarthi Vikas said that the foundation of fascism in India is Brahminism, hence BJP is trying to remove many chapters from the history textbooks. We must fight against hunger, against violation of human rights and oust the fascist forces from the state. Social activist Sarafraj said that muslims today are forced to live in an atmosphere of terror when Madarsas are burnt down and Masjids are being attacked. We must unite against this politics of rioting and communal violence in the name of religion.

Meena Tiwari said that the women of Bihar have always been on the forefront of the struggles against regressive forces of fascism and patriarchy. The women in Bihar have contributed equally in such struggles. Today there is a need to strengthen this Bihar Model by furthering the struggles of ASHA, Mid-day Meal and other Scheme workers till their demands are met.

Samkaleen Lokyuddh editor Santosh Sahar introduced the objectives of AIPF to the audience. Many resolutions were also adopted by this convention which included to work for peace and harmony in the state, demand for compensation to the victims of communal violence, re-enactment of APMC Act in Bihar, solidarity with the ongoing movement against Baghmati river embankments project, and also with the struggles of street vendors and guest teachers.

Ghalib in his presiding speech assured that the AIPF will increase its reach among the masses to work for the establishment of communal harmony. In the end, the convention also constituted a 41-member committee for the Patna chapter including a 5-member advisory board. Prof. Bharati S Kumar, Prof. Santosh Kumar, comrade KD Yadav, renowned medico Dr. PNP Pal and Santosh Sahar are members of the Advisory body.