Land Subsidence Dhami Govt

The land subsidence in Joshimath town in Uttarakhand continues. In January the houses that were found unsafe for living were marked as unsafe on the recommendation of the Central Building Research Institute were vacated. The affected resident families were moved, on government expenses, in temporary arrangements like hotels and community houses. People have been living in these rehabilitation camps since then, though under very inconvenient conditions. Then people were forced to move into these makeshift camps, even police were used in some instances.

Now nothing has changed, the land of Joshimath continues to subside, but the Uttarakhand Dhami government issued a notice on 30 April directing these affected families to go back to their houses. The people are terrified to go back to the same damaged, cracked houses! The administration even tried to forcibly send them back. Had those houses been habitable then why did the government arrange alternative accommodations in the first place? And what has changed since then? How did these houses with big cracks in floors, walls and ceilings suddenly become habitable? The government even went to declare that people living in these temporary camps will be forcibly vacated!

The Joshimath Bachao Sangharsh Samiti convenor Atul Sati protested this decision of the government asking for continuation of camps till complete rehabilitation measures are taken. Although his protest led the administration to extend the date from 30 April to 30 May, Atul Sati said that this extension should at least be done for one year because soon there will be a rainy season when more land subsidence is expected. In such a situation the state government cannot behave so irresponsibly, and cannot play with the lives of the citizens.