Insaf Manch Conference Held in Patna

Insaf Manch held its conference in Patna on 11 June with a resolve to resist the communal fascist forces and to fight for the rights of all weaker and deprived sections of society including minorities, dalits and women. The conference elected Galib as its President and Ramlakhan Chaudhary as Secretary.

CPIML leader Satyadev Ram addressed the conference and called for the defeat of fascist BJP in forthcoming elections to protect the democracy and rights of the deprived. Veteran leader of CPIML comrade KD Yadav said that the real face of BJP is now fully exposed before the people and now there is a need to build up a forceful movement to oust the fascists from the government as well as from the social discourse. These are anti-people forces who project Godse as a patriot, and Ranvir Sena chief Brahmeshwar Singh as Gandhi. This country cannot accept and tolerate such fascists.

Dr. Vidyarthi Vikas of AN Sinha Institute also addressed the conference and said that it is not only minorities which are heavily under attack but also the dalit communities whose rights and democracy are in danger. There are more than 4 crore dalit families only in Bihar who are not given land titles by the governments and now they are facing threat of evictions. A large section of India’s citizens are being deprived of even their citizenships by the BJP while this party’s divisive politics has thrown the whole of Manipur state into flames of violence and civil war like situation. This is being perpetrated by the same Manuvadi forces who have installed the Sangole, a symbol of oppression and fascism, into the new Parliament building. We must defeat these forces which have posed the biggest danger for our democratic institutions and the constitution.

Quayamuddin Ansari, state secretary of Insaf Manch in Bihar, said the minorities have been made more deprived and frightened by the BJP and RSS and this must be resisted by all sections of the society. He also informed that the state conference of the Insaf Manch will be held in Patna on 25 June. The Insaf Manch was formed during the anti-CAA protest to carry forward the issues of the marginalised and oppressed people. During Ramnavami this year the BJP perpetrated attacks on minorities which were opposed and will never allow BJP and RSS to perpetrate such crimes in future in Bihar. Social activist Sarafraz said that fascists are deliberately trying to destroy the culture and educational institutions of minorities, the attack of Azizia Madarsa and library in Bihar Sharif was one such instance.

The convenor of All India People’s Forum (AIPF) Kamlesh Sharma expressed solidarity with the conference and called for the defeat of fascist forces in the next elections.

The Conference also passed resolutions which included demand for sending back in jail the murderers and rapists of Bilkis Bano; to stop persecution of muslim community in the name of PFI as was seen in arrests made by NIA in Phulwari Sharif; stop communalising educational curricula and attacks on educational institutions by fascists; to rebuild Sogra College and Azizia Madarsa which were destroyed this year during riots by Sangh outfits; to stop communalising religious festivals and punish the communal forces; to punish forces involved in desecrating symbols of dalit honour and statues of Dr. Ambedkar; to stop so called Baba and Dharmgurus involved in spreading hatred and communal venom in the name of religion; and to arrest BJP MP Brijbhushan Sharan Singh and accept demands of protesting women wrestlers.