All Blocks in Bihar Parties Jointly Hold Demonstrations in all Blocks in Bihar

The Mahagathbandhan parties in Bihar jointly held protests on 15 June at block and panchayat level against BJP attempts of dividing the society on communal lines and Modi government’s attacks on rights and livelihoods of common people. These demonstrations and sit-ins were organised on the occasion of completion of nine years of Modi’s rule which have caused immense troubles and pains for the common citizens.

CPIML Bihar state secretary Kunal said on this occasion that devastating nine years of Modi regime have resulted in unprecedented price rise, highest rates of unemployment, misuse of constitutional institutions, decrease in fund allocations in the governmental schemes meant to uplift poor and dalit communities hence depriving them of their right to housing and right to food. The BJP, he said, runs only through spreading venom among masses to create communal frenzy and riots hence must be stopped. The BJP conspired to halt the caste census, its government in centre has not given special state status to Bihar, and will never work towards the doubling of farmers’ incomes. The Mahagathbandhan parties unitedly organised a campaign on these very important issues which culminated in the statewide protest day. The participation of people in these sit-ins was historic.

People in rural as well as urban areas participated in these protests in huge numbers. In Patna the protest was attended by a large number of urban poor and toiling masses including poor, tempo union members and other working class sections.

The protests were held at all district, block and panchayat headquarters jointly by activists of all Mahagathbandhan parties. Kumar Parvez, CPIML media incharge said that the Bihar has expressed its willingness to oust the Modi regime for BJP’s divisive politics and pro-corporate policies.

CPIML leaders including its MLAs mobilised masses and campaigned for the programme in their respective areas with full force.

An 8-point charter was also sent to the central government through these protests. The major issues raised are:

  1. To hold caste census in all the states of India. The Bihar government had started this work but the BJP conspiratorially obstructed this job using the judiciary through its supporters.

  2. Immediately control escalating prices of all commodities.

  3. Arrange for dignified and permanent employment for the youth by fulfilling Modi’s promise of providing 2 crore jobs every year. The Agnipath Scheme is humiliating for the youth who are demanding permanent employment.

  4. Stop misusing institutions and persecuting opposition leaders and those who democratically oppose government policies.

  5. Legalise MSP and procurement of agricultural produce and fulfil Modi’s promise of doubling the farmers’ income.

  6. Stop the politics of hate and communal frenzy.

  7. Stop decreasing fund allocation in MNREGA and NFSA, allocate more and adequate funds as per the demands.

  8. Provide Special State status for Bihar.

Demonstrations in all Blocks in Bihar


All Blocks in Bihar Parties Jointly Hold Demonstrations