Monsoon Session to Begin in Bihar Assembly

The CPIML legislative group in Bihar met on 27 June to deliberate on the major issues to be raised in the next session of the Vidhan Sabha. The session beginning from 10 July is likely to witness strong intervention by CPIML MLAs against continued attacks on the basic tenets of the Constitution and democracy by the BJP all over the country and in Bihar.

With the Sangole placed in the Parliament the BJP has made its intentions clear of transforming India into an autocratic regime, this will be taken up in Bihar Assembly too. The burning question of violence in Manipur, attempts of communal polarisations in Uttarakhand through hate mongering and fake news, and the issue of justice to women wrestlers fighting for the last many months will be taken up by the CPIML in the coming monsoon session.

The CPIML legislative group will demand a proposal to be passed by the Vidhan Sabha against four year graduate course (FYUP) and the New Education Policy 2020 besides the issue of amendment in the new teachers’ appointment rules 2023 according to the demands raised by various teachers organisations as well as the applicants for the same.

CPIML has resisted the demolitions of houses of the poor in the name of implementation of various government schemes, but still demolitions are taking place at many places. The party will raise this issue in the Assembly. The increasing scarcity of potable water, pending and unjustifiable electricity bills, construction of Indrapuri water reservoir and the demand of honorarium to the Scheme workers at minimum wage rates and other facilities will be taken up by CPIML MLAs inside the Assembly.

Comrade Mahboob Alam, leader of CPIML legislative group, said that the party’s first priority is to defeat BJP inside the Assembly as well as in the streets by taking along all Mahagathbandhan parties in this task. Simultaneously, this is also necessary to seriously listen to the woes of the masses and to fulfil their pending and genuine demands which also is the duty of the Mahagathbandhan government in the state. This will further strengthen the people’s struggle against fascism and corporate-communal forces.