Protest in Ballia against Undeclared emergency

Thousands of people marched in Ballia on 26 June, the anti-Emergency day, to take pledge against strengthening the ongoing peoples struggles against the undeclared emergency of Modi regime in the country. CPIML central committee member Shriram Chaudhary addressed the marchers who had assembled at the bus stand and said that the people of Ballia had been in the forefront of the struggles against the autocratic regimes in the past and today again they are prepared for the struggle against the fascist forces. The people of Ballia carry forward the legacy of martyrs like Mangal Pandey and Chitu Pandey, they also fought against Indira’s declared emergency and now we are ready for the struggle to defeat the undeclared emergency of BJP rule. The thousands of marchers marched towards the DM office to hand him over a people’s demand charter.

The protesters also raised the demand to withdraw the highly inflated electricity bills being served to the poor and common people. The very high electricity rates in UP have made this essential commodity quite unaffordable for the common people in the state. CPIML Ballia incharge Om Prakash Singh said that this is one of the many frauds by the Modi regime that in the name of free electricity to the poor this government took votes and the same poor are now facing penalty and other punitive measures for unable to pay very inflated and unjustified electricity bills. The protest was also addressed by Rekha Paswan, Munni Singh and Lilawati among others.