Constitute SC/ST Commission in Bihar - CPIML

Surprisingly, Bihar hasn't had a state SC/ST Commission since the last 7 years. The BJP when in the government in the state had shut it down. This scenario has led to more than 20000 cases of atrocities against the scheduled caste members pending. The CPIML has raised this issue inside the state Assembly demanding to immediately constitute the SC/ST Commission.

On the last day of the Monsoon Session of Bihar Assembly the party moved a non-governmental motion in this regard. The party said that now the state government has come out of the influence of castiest BJP and this is time to constitute a Commission as needed by the law of the land. At present thousands of cases pertaining to caste atrocities, discrimination, murders, rapes, and cases of scheduled castes related to their representation in jobs, appointments of various government posts, promotions, childrens’ education, scholarships, etc are pending for years.

In absence of a state SC/SC commission the aggrieved people have to go to the central SC/ST Commission in the national capital. The state government had assured to take a campaign to resolve such cases on an urgent basis six months back, but nothing could be done on this front. The SC/ST Commission is an institution required by the Constitution of India hence any more delay in its formation in unconstitutional act on the part of the state government.