AISA Activists Put Under House Arrest as PM Modi Visits Delhi University!

Why is PM Modi Afraid of Students?

Citing 'security reasons' for the PM visit as a reason, student and AISA Activists Abhigyan and Anjali were held in detention at their flat and prevented from going to campus. No warrant of any sort has been presented neither these activists were informed as to how long their house arrest would last.

One can only imagine what 'safety' threat Comrades Abhigyan and Anjali could have posed to the PM, except perhaps the threat posed by their questions about the deteriorating state of Delhi University and the education system in the country.

The reality of Modi's idea of education reflects in the events that unfolded on 1 July when he was scheduled to attend the Delhi University Centenary Celebrations which was a part of ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’! Hours before the event started, the police encircled the flat of these AISA leaders and told them that they are going to stay with them and they won’t be allowed to leave the flat.

Anjali has said that whatever happens we will continue to ask questions that matter. Silencing the voices that raise questions is what the Modi government wants in the campuses. But we won't remain silent. Neither the barricades nor the police force can smother the voices of democracy and dissent.

While their leaders were detained, the AISA posed some questions to the PM upon his visit to Delhi University:

  • Will women wrestlers get justice?

  • Two months have passed since violence broke in Manipur. Why is the Centre silent? Why is he silent?

  • Why Agniveer?

  • Why DU and other CUs should be pushed to take HEFA loans for infrastructural needs instead of getting grants?

  • Why are serving teachers in DU being threatened with their jobs?

  • Why should employees be hired through GeM? Why is contractualisation being made permanent?

  • Why have no grants been released for the implementation of FYUP?

  • Why is the Centre not restoring Old Pension Scheme?

  • Why are grants for pension, arrears and salaries in Central Universities not being released on time?

  • What has been done to ensure equitable quality, completely free education for all children up to the age of fourteen as mandated by the Constitution of India and up to the age of eighteen as defined under United Nations Charter on the Rights of Children?

  • What has been done to ensure protection of academic autonomy of institutions of Higher Education, diversity of classrooms and social justice agenda which is under serious threat through CUET?