BJP Dividing Society in the name of Uniform Civil Code

In view of the ongoing opposition in the country on the Uniform Civil Code, the office bearers of the Imarat-e-Sharia met the CPIML leaders and appealed to oppose it in Bihar as well. The President of the organisation Mohd. Shamshad Rahmani, Executive Secretary Janab Shibli Qasimi and National Vice President Suhail Ahmad Nadvi participated in the talks with CPIML State Secretary Kunal, Politburo member Amar and Phulwari MLA Gopal.

The CPIML leaders said that India is a country of diverse cultures and customs, so the attempt to impose uniformity in the name of Uniform Civil Code would give harmful results. They also said that the BJP wants to divide the society through this and is calculating on electoral arithmetic. The BJP is using this issue only for electoral gimmicks and communal outpourings. The CPIML stands firmly against the UCC and will take it among the parties of the grand alliance in Bihar.