Restore Peace in Manipur: Protest in Patna
Manipur CM N Biren Singh Must Resign

A protest was held in Patna on 3 July in solidarity with the people of Manipur with the demand to take immediate measures to restore peace in the violence hit state. The protest was organised by AIPF and Insaf Manch and was addressed by CPIML politburo member Rajaram Singh.

The speakers in the protest said that the situation in Manipur is a direct outcome of BJP’s communal designs in that state which have divided the state on dangerous lines. Now the BJP chief minister of Manipur N Biren Singh must immediately resign to pave the way for an amicable solution for the problem deliberately created by the BJP.

The protest was also addressed by Phulwari Sharif MLA Gopal Ravidas who is also the Insaf Manch President along with Md. Ghalib, Ramlakhan Chaudhary, Kamlesh Sharma, Anita Sinha, Zaved Ahmad and other leaders.

Gopal Ravidas said that the violence in Manipur ongoing since the last two months is BJP sponsored. The Christian community, Churches are being attacked, more than 100 people have been killed and more than 50000 have been displaced with their houses and properties burnt down and vandalised. He said whenever central Home Minister Amit Shah visits that state the violence further escalates and this is a very dangerous trend. This is high time that the CM Viren Singh should resign immediately. By creating conflict between Meitei and Kuki communities the BJP has divided the state which will eventually benefit the latter's corporate friends who are eying the natural resources of the country. Now it is our responsibility to stop such forces from destroying the delicate social fabric of the north-east.

Social activist Sarafraz said that the BJP hates the idea of a diverse and pluralist India. This is the party that after throwing Manipur into flames is also bringing Uniform Civil Code debate to polarise the whole country on communal lines.

Rajaram Singh said that the Manipur CM has no moral right to remain in his post. The central government must take correct measures for establishing peace in the state.

Advocate Zaved Ahmad said that the BJP is trying to derail the country from the path given in the country’s Constitution. This anti-constitution party must be stopped by strong and united resolve.

The other speakers in the protest said that the peace, democracy and development in the north-east can only be guaranteed by respecting cultural diversity and protecting constitutional rights as well as aspirations of the tribal communities.