Third Bihar State Conference of Insaaf Manch concluded

The third state convention of Insaaf Manch, Bihar was successfully concluded in Patna on 25 June 2023 with resolve to take forward the campaign of justice against the ongoing feudal, patriarchal and communal attacks on dalits, women, minorities and people belonging to weaker communities suffering from all kinds of injustice and atrocities.

CPIML General Secretary Dipanker Bhattacharya addressing the conference said the journey of Insaaf Manch began ten years ago in 2013. At that time during Modi's rally, there was so-called bomb blasts in Gandhi Maidan and in its name arrests of Muslim youths were carried out in Bihar. Then Insaf Manch had bravely retaliated against this and exposed the lies of Modi and BJP. He added that today there is an attack on the very foundation of the country. Hindu Rashtra is being openly called for by RSS-BJP and the constitution is being trampled on every day at every level. Minorities, Dalits and women are under target. That's why it is necessary that grand unity should be established in favour of protecting the constitution and democracy, and oust BJP from the state and society.

At the start, the outgoing secretary of Insaaf Manch, Qayamuddin Ansari welcomed all the guests. The representatives to the conference reviewed the work report of the last three years and deliberated upon it. Everyone realised that today the sharpest attack of fascism is on dalits, muslims and women. That's why it is needed that the oppressed communities walk together and build strong unity.

A new State Council of 71 members was elected from the conference. Phulwari MLA Gopal Ravidas was elected President and Kayamuddin Ansari Secretary of the Insaaf Manch for the next term. Gaya's senior advocate Fayaz Hali was made the Honorary President. The conference expressed its solidarity with the countrywide campaign for the protection of the Constitution and democracy and against the ongoing all-round attack on the country's foundation by the current fascist regime. In order to get justice for the people oppressed by injustice, tyranny and communal frenzy, a resolution was taken to establish comprehensive unity amongst the oppressed and a call was given to give new impetus to the struggle for their rights. A ten-point proposal was adopted to this end.