Withdraw Environmental Clearance to GM Mustard

CPIML MLAs in Bihar have asked the state government to pass a resolution in the Assembly demanding to withdraw the GEAC approval and environmental clearance given to GM Mustard. Since this matter may soon be placed in the Parliament the party MLAs have asked the Chief Minister to adopt a resolution in the state assembly to send a clear message to the centre in view of the dangers associated with the GM crops and for the benefit of the country's farmers and people’s health.

All India Kisan Mahasabha General Secretary Rajaram Singh has said that the government must not at any cost allow the commercial farming of GM Mustard variant. He said that in 2009 the government was forced to not allow BT Brinjal in the country in face of huge public opposition, moreover, we have all seen the adverse implications of BT Cotton farming in India after twenty years of its commercialisation. Now the cotton production is declining while the input costs in the form of more use of chemicals is a serious concern. Rajaram Singh also demanded compensation for cotton farmers.

He criticised the government for not making public the bio-safety data of GM Mustard and asked to give farmers the MSP guarantee for their mustard crop which is being produced already in adequate quantity and there is no scarcity of this crop. The government also deserves criticism for decreasing the import duty on mustard oil when there was record production in the country.