Custodial Death of a Dalit Youth in Gaya

CPIML strongly condemns the custodial death of Raju Chaudhary, 30, in Barachatti block of Gaya district. The police caught him under suspicion of liquor vending and beat him up with lathis till he was dead. Party state secretary Kunal has said that this incident must be taken up seriously by the Mahagathbandhan government to stop the recurrence of custodial murders of dalits.

Comrade Kunal said that unlimited powers given to the police under the anti-liquor legislation in the state has been turned into an instrument of oppression of poor and dalit people. This is urgently needed to amend this legislation in favour of the poor and the powers of police be curbed. He demanded exemplary action against the responsible police persons.

He also criticised the Bihar government for failing to control the criminals which is evident in many incidents of killings of late. A journalist was killed in Araria while in Nalanda a municipal ward member was murdered by criminals.