Must Stop Punitive Action on Agitating Teachers

The CPIML legislator in Bihar who is also the patron of Bihar Sikshak Sangharsh Morcha, has sent a memorandum to the Bihar CM demanding a stop to the ongoing harassment and punitive actions against the teacher who held a protest demonstration in Patna on 11 July last. The protest was a peaceful demonstration for their demands.

Many of the leading teachers are now facing action in spite of the fact that on 5 August the Chief Minister himself has agreed to regularise the teachers working on temporary or contract basis, which was the demand of that protest. In such a situation the punitive action on agitating teachers is uncalled for.

There is a need to improve the schools and educational environment in Bihar, the educational department is taking decisions in a very undemocratic manner. Sandip Saurav said that merely passing dictats can do nothing unless we pay attention to the systemic problems and weaknesses in Bihar’s education. There is a need to build better coordination among all stakeholders in order to make a healthy and democratic educational atmosphere.

He opposed the decision of giving out the job of appointments and operations of schools to the private companies and demanded the government to fill out all the vacant posts in all the schools.

The Mahagathbandhan government must not allow private companies in the education sector in Bihar and put in efforts to make education more inclusive. He also demanded to maintain the job seniority of teachers during the process of regularisation.