AICCTU Conference held in Bishnupur

Local committee conference of Bishnupur AICCTU was held on 24th September at Bishnupur Municipal Dormitory. The stage was named after Sushila Handi (sanitation workers leader of Bishnupur) and Seema Chakraborty (founder of women’s organisation in Bishnupur). The conference paid homage to the migrant workers killed in an accident in Mizoram and paid tribute to all martyrs and departed comrades.

The conference witnessed spirited and vibrant participation of more than 350 workers including nearly 200 women from different unorganised sectors. Delegates included sanitation workers, municipal employees, mid-day-meal, weaving and construction workers, engine van, rickshaw and toto drivers etc. A 17 member presidium was formed to conduct the conference, among which 10 were women. Comrade Farhan presented the draft report and the delegates actively participated in the discussion.

Secretary of the Bishnupur Pourasabha Sangrami Shramik Karmachari Union, Comrade Dilbar Khan said, many temporary and contractual workers are working in different sectors. They do not have any protection, bonus, minimum wage declared by the government, or any social security. There is no job regularisation. The central government is taking away the rights of the workers by bringing in new labour codes. Unemployment is rampant all over the country. The workers are being exploited and this is nothing but ‘new slavery.’ Dilip Bauri, one of the leaders of the Sanitation workers movement said, nothing will happen if we remain silent. We have to hold the policy makers and government accountable. Pampa Das Karmkar, a mid-day meal worker said, “Earlier, there was no one to stand by us. Now we have confidence, we all have to come out and fight unitedly for our rights.” Padma Madraji, one of the organisers of All India Progressive Women's Association and Sanitation workers movement in Bishnupur, said, we will not only fight to claim our rights, we will also fight for a better society. The house decided to organise a protest march in front of the Municipality office on October 5.

A 30 member committee including 12 women was formed with representatives from all six sectors. Comrade Farhan has been elected as Secretary, Comrade Dilbar Khan Joint Secretary and Comrade Titas Gupta has been elected as President.