Convention on Manipur Crisis in Nagercoil

A convention on the Manipur crisis was organised by CPIML on 15 September at Nagercoil under the title, “Will Never Forgive Manipur Attacks and Will Not Rest Until the Modi Regime is Overthrown”.

The convention began with inspiring songs by comrade Kovan and his team of Makkal Kalai Ilakkiya Kazhakam (Association for the People’s Art and Literature). The gathering nearing 1000 people was amazed at the performance of the team.

V Shankar, Politburo member of CPIML gave a call to unseat the Modi regime in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. He asserted that Manipur is only a dress rehearsal for turning the entire country filled with hate and violence which will not be allowed. He upheld the display of unity of workers and farmers as a model of protest for the coming days. He appealed to the people to join the joint struggles on 3 Oct demanding action against the culprits for killing farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri and to join the joint demonstrations on 26–28 Nov. He traced the history of anti-Sanatan struggles in Tamil Nadu and called for eradicating the ideology of fascism and obscurantism from the soil.

Comrade Thirumavalavan, the founder president of VCK and Member of Parliament delivered a detailed talk on the caste system and the need for waging a powerful struggle against Sanatanam. He also said that santanam is nothing but an ideology of Brahminical domination. He came down heavily on the Varna system and Manu Smriti and recollected Babsaheb Ambedkar’s powerful statement that he will never die as a Hindu.

Comrade Periyasamy, state assistant secretary of CPI and former MLA, elaborated on the happenings in Manipur and asserted that the Modi government is killing the constitution and the democracy. He also underlined the contributions of NK Natarajan for the development of the party in the state.

Comrade Madhukur Ramalingam, a member of the state executive committee of CPIM, appreciated the effort of CPIML to organise such a convention on a most sensitive subject in the country today. He said that the special convention by the CPIML is a launch pad for the campaign towards parliament elections by the INDIA alliance in Tamil Nadu.

Comrade Farooq of Manitha Neya Makkal Katchi (The People’s Party of Humanism), an organisation fighting for the rights of minorities in the state and also a part of the INDIA alliance in the state explained the ongoing attacks on Christian minorities and called upon to join hands to fight for saving the constitution and democracy.

Comrade Kaliappan of Makkal Adhikaram (Peoples’ Power) explained the undemocratic and fascist nature of the Modi led BJP government and said that the fascism is the number one danger the country is facing today. He also expressed the willingness of the organisation to work together to fight against fascism.

Comrade Krishnaveni, leader of AIPWA and member of the Fact Finding Team of CPIML that visited Manipur recently, provided a first hand account of happenings in Manipur.

Asaithambi, the state secretary of CPIML, called upon the partners of INDIA alliance to come and march together in the state to fight BJP’s sinister designs to make a foothold in the state. He also criticised state BJP president Annamalai’s attempts of taking the state of progressive values to barbarian times which should be foiled at any cost.

Comrade Sankara Pandian, the president of AICCTU, emphasised the role of the working class in fighting fascism.

Comrade Anthony Muthu presided over the meeting while Suseela welcomed the gathering. Balasundaram, central committee member of CPIML and the state standing committee member G Ramesh assisted the chair in conducting the convention successfully.

- G Ramesh