Remove BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri from Parliament

CPIML activists held a protest demonstration at Lalkuan in Uttarakhand on 25 Sept. against hateful and Islamophobic remarks made by BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri inside the Parliament during the special session on 21 Sept. The activists demanded his arrest and removal from the Parliament. They also burnt his effigy in protest.

Dr. Kailash Pandey, Nainital district secretary of the party, said at the protest that the BJP-RSS are making desperate attempts of dividing the society by spreading hate, lies and communal frenzy against Muslims, which was also brazenly seen inside the Parliament. The BJP regime and Lok Sabha speaker has not yet taken any action against this, which is not a healthy sign for our parliamentary democracy. This incident, as well as a happy laughing expression by Ravi Shankar Prasad and Dr. Harsh Vardhan, two former BJP ministers, in support of abusive Bidhuri, has once again exposed the true character of BJP. The Lok Sabha speaker should have taken appropriate action by removing Bidhuri from the Parliament, but he saved him by only issuing a benign warning. In fact what was seen inside the Parliament was actually a true reflection of BJP politics and we can expect the BJP organisation to take any action against him. The same hatred and criminal attitude is being exhibited on a daily basis by various RSS outfits like Bajarang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, ABVP and many others. Only an united assertion of people can stop these divisive forces, he added.