Curtailment of Gram Panchayat's Rights is Attack on Democracy

In a meeting with the delegation of of Bihar Pradesh Mukhya Mahasanghan on August 31 in Patna, CPIML State Secretary Kunal  and Patna Gramin Secretary Amar condemned the attack on the rights of Gram Panchayats by the Central and the state governments and termed the move as against the basic concept of democracy. He said that in idea of Swaraj, Gandhi had considered villages as the center of democracy and it’s shameful that we are today witnessing increasing attack on the rights under panchayat raj.

In Bihar, a movement has also been going on in the past few days under the leadership of Mukhya Mahasanghan against the attack and have put forwarded a the 19-point demand charter.  Extending support to the demands, CPIML said that all powers granted to the Gram Panchayat under the 73rd Constitutional Amendment be implemented, compliance with the decisions passed by the Gram Sabha should be ensured, the schemes selected by the Gram Sabha should be given priority, stop the undemocratic interference in the work of Gram Sabha and allowance for the Gram Sabha representatives must be increased.

The Mukhya Mahasanghan delegation included President Mithilesh Kumar Rai, Arun Singh, Ajit Kumar and Vinay Bhushan Kumar.