Left Parties’ Convention in Chamoli against Communalism

Left parties organised an anti-communal convention in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand as part of the joint people’s Campaign against Communalism and For Defending Constitution and Democracy. CPI, CPIM and CPIML activists and common masses attended this event. 

The convention began after paying homage to the martyrs of Chipko and other movements and communist leader Comrade Dhan Singh Rana who passed away recently by observing a two-minute silence in their memory.. Inaugurating the conference, State Secretary of CPIML Indresh Maikhuri said that the conference is taking place on the occasion of birth anniversary of martyr Asfaqullah Khan who along with Ramprasad Bismil were martyred for the country. The need is to defend this shared legacy of freedom struggle. A conspiracy is being hatched to topple the constitution which represents the values of equality and fraternity of our freedom movement and replace it by a Hindu supremacist fascist State.

On the one hand the Chief Minister of State is involved in communalising the state by spreading hatred by spreading lies in name of land jihad and love jihad. Along with communal frenzy, incidents of caste discrimination and violence have also increased in the State. From the Jagadish murder case last year to the recent murder of a Dalit youth in Bageshwar, it is apparent that the politics of hatred is snatching away the lives of the weaker sections of the society.

The speakers pointed out that the BJP govt is getting exposed on the issue of inflation and unemployment and to divert people’s attention from failure it is relying on divisive communal politics. The BJP government’s corruption has recently been exposed by CAG reports which state that Dwarka Expressway was built at the exorbitant cost of Rs 250 Crore per Km. In Ayushman Bharat 7.5 lakh beneficiaries are using one number for registration which is enough to show the extent of irregularities.

The government move in the name of removing encroachments in Uttarakhand is intended to spread communal hatred. This communal campaign has become a means of snatching away the livelihood of people even from local markets in the mountains. By spreading religious hatred, BJP is trying to divert the attention of people from basic issues and also using this conspiracy to snatch everything from the poor.

It was decided in the convention to take this message down to the villages and cities. The convention was presided over by Chamoli District President of AIDWA Pushpa Kimoti and conducted by CPIM District Secretary Bhopal Singh Rawat.