No to NPS! Bring back OPS!

On October 1, 2023, lakhs of government employees and teachers gathered at Delhi’s Rameleela Maidan to mark a historic day in the movement against New Pension Scheme and demanding for reinstating of Old Pension Scheme. Protesters from across the country joined the Delhi Chalo call. The entire ground along with the surrounding roads was packed with people carrying placards and banners. Despite the extremely hot and sunny weather, the whole area was reverberating with slogans against the NPS and Modi’ government’s anti-worker policies. 

Expressing solidarity with the protestors, CPIML General Secretary Com. Dipankar said, "Just like the three farm laws, Modi government wants to hand over people's resources and money to the Adani-Ambanis of the country. This Modi-led corporate loot of the country needs to be stopped. A united people's movement, as seen at farmers' movement will ensure putting a brake to this bulldozer regime in 2024."

Front Against New Pension Scheme in Railways (FANPSR) an initiative of Indian Railways Employees Federation (IREF) said that with the NPS, Modi government wants to put the people’s hard earned money into market. The aim is not welfare of the people, but the welfare of the market and corporates. We demand reinstating of OPS and this Delhi chalo rally is just the beginning.