Lakhimpur Kheri massacre: Protests across Bihar Demands Justice For Farmers

As part of country-wide protest day demanding justice for the farmers killed in the 2022 Lakhimpur Kheri massacre, protest demonstrations under the banner of AIKM in Motihari and Arwal districts of Bihar.  

Demanding the immediate removal Union Minister Ajay Singh Teni for his role in the massacre, the protesters said that Modi regime in hell bent in destroying the people’s livelihood and handing over country’s resources to his crony corporate friends. The prices of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds have doubled during the Modi regime, due to which the farmers are facing severe losses and are forced to sell off their lands. Many are forced to take loans and are trapped in the vicious cycle of debt.  Demanding MSP guarantee act, the protesters said that farmers will intensify the struggle against attempt to make farmers a corporate slave by Modi regime. 

The protests also condemned the widespread on independent media platform NewsClick and its journalists by Modi-BJP regime and called for immediate end to attack on freedom of press.