Demand for Justice for Death of Two-year-old in Police Brutality in Bihar

The incidents of police atrocities in the name of enforcing prohibition continue to go unabated in Bihar. In a recent incident in Hulasganj block in Jehanabad district, a two-year-old girl Fulmanti Kumari died due to injuries sustained in police violence against her mother on October 22, 2023. 

Condemning the incident, CPIML Bihar State Secretary Com. Kunal said that it a matter of great concern that police force is using the prohibition law to attack the lives and livelihood of poor. 

A CPI (ML) fact finding team led by Ghosi MLA Rambali Singh Yadav and Dist Secretary Ramdhar Singh visited the spot and found out that the incident happened on October 20 after Basanti devi, mother of deceased two-year-old deceased, was subjected to police beatings at time of detention on the false pretext of enforcing prohibition in Durgapur Village in Hulasganj block. The fact-finding team found out that despite the baby in mother's hand, the police personnel brutally assaulted them resulting on grievous injury to both the mother and the baby. The two-year girl later died in police custody. 

The CPIML team's investigation also found out that police version was fabricated. CPIML demands immediate and strict legal action should be taken against the guilty police officers responsible for custodial torture and murder. Basanti Devi and Meena Devi, who was also detained in similar fashion should be released and compensation should be paid to the them.