Mid-Day Meal workers protest in Lucknow

The Eco Garden of Lucknow again became witness to a strong protest by Rasoiya (part time honorarium cooks at government schools) workers of Uttar Pradesh who are struggling against paltry wages, which are also not paid on time. Earlier in September, similar protest of ASHA workers was organized at same venue against the government apathy towards the workers who are backbone India's welfare scheme system. 

AICCTU State President Vijay Vidrohi addressing the protestors said that Modi and Yogi governments are anti-workers. They are snatching away hard earned labour laws. Dignified living and wages are our right and to struggle for them workers should unite to oust BJP out of power. 

Rasoiya are paid only Rs 1,500/- per month and are made to work for five-six hours. Their state is like of slave workers. They demanded that Rasoiya should be paid Rs 21,000 wages, along with social security benefits entitled for workers like PF, gratuity and ESI facility.  Comrade Premlata organizer of Rasoiya said government is attempting to suppress workers' movement and trying dividing workers on communal lines, but workers are united in their struggle for rights.