CPIML Leader Attacked in Siwan: Return of BJP in Bihar Government Has Boosted Criminals’ Morale

Since the BJP attained power in Bihar feudal forces have unleashed reign of terror over dalits once again. On 10 February a dominant feudal Dhan Kumar Singh burnt down a stack of straw of Ramesh Ram because he refused to sell it at prices much less than market rates in Savan Vigrah village of Daraunda block in Siwan district. Dhankumar Singh got more enraged when Ramesh Ram tried to stop him and went into Ramesh Ram’s house and badly beaten up him and his family members including women. Next day CPIML leader Jaishankar Pandit and Ramayan Yadav were attacked with a shower of bullets by Dhankumar Singh and his goons when he went to meet Ramesh Ram to inquire about the previous day’s incident. 

Comrade Jaishankar Pandit was wounded with a bullet in his leg. Sita Devi, sister of Ramesh Ram got a bullet in her leg and a bullet pierced through the stomach of her son Manu Kumar Ram. Ramesh Ram’s wife, two daughters and mother were badly beaten up and harassed by the attackers. All three with bullet wounds were later referred to PMCH in Patna where they are now undergoing treatment. 

CPIML General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya and Politburo member Dhirendra Jha visited all injured people in PMCH on 12 Feb to take stock of the situation. They said Bihar fought and defeated communal-feudal forces in the past and this time again the people of Bihar will not allow such forces to perpetrate atrocities on dalits and women. CPIML has asked the state administration to take action and ensure immediate arrests of all attackers.