Campaign by CPIML Puts People Over Corporate in Elections

With call of ‘People's coupons, not clandestine corporate bonds,’ ranks of CPIML are visiting houses of people as part of ‘Har Ghar Chalo’ campaign requesting for vote and a contribution of Rs. 20. At a time when, electoral bonds and corporate donations to political parties have dented the electoral process in India, Janta Coupon campaign will put people over corporate. 

CPI(ML) General Secretary Dipankar Bhattacharya said that the Janata Coupon or People’s coupon is people’s answer to the electoral bond and massive corruption from which the BJP got Rs. 8252 Crores from the corporates and rich. We are conducting this door-to-door coupon campaign on the ground to take on the might of the unconstitutional electoral bond in these elections.

The campaign is already in full swing in Bihar’s Arrah, Karakat, Nalanda parliamentary constituencies and Agiaon assembly constituency and Jharkhand’s Koderma LS seat where CPIML is contesting Lok Sabha elections. The campaign will soon expand to other contesting where CPIML is contesting.