Retrenchment of Sanitation Workers

The All India Central Council of Trade Unions has strongly condemned the illegal retrenchment of 61 sanitation workers by the DRDO in Bangalore. These workers who have been serving since 10-15 years were denied work by the central government agency from 23 March 2024.

They were employed by the DRDO through proxy contractors and were retrenched without giving any service benefits and other facilities like ESI and PF. While in jobs, they were not given full pay as the contractors used to snatch away a sum of three to four thousands from them every month. The union registered a case against this illegal retrenchment and received an order against the dismissal, but the DRDO still continues to refuse their reinstatement.

The AICCTU Karnataka has said that the fight for the employment, dignity and respect for all 61 workers will continue till they get justice.