Prajwal Revanna Flees Country After Sexual Assault Videos Emerge

In Karnataka recently, the BJP was seen communalising an unfortunate incident of murder of a woman student at the hands of Fayaz, which the BJP termed as “love jihad”. However, days after the BJP used this murder for political mileage, their NDA candidate (BJP-JD(S) coalition) – Prajwal Revanna – has been accused of sexual assault against hundreds of women. About 2,976 videos have surfaced, which have been circulated through public distribution of pen drives.

Ulgulan Maharally in Ranchi

A massive Ulgulan Nyay Maharally was organised by INDIA alliance in Ranchi on April 21. The rally, with the slogan of ‘Jharkhand Jhukega Nahi, INDIA Wont Stop’ [Jharkhand will not surrender, INDIA Bloc will March on] was a great show of unity and resolve of the fighting people of Jharkhand. The rally held in historic land of Birsa's Ulgulan sounded the bugle against Modi regime’s hate, lies and loot.

Ambedkar Jayanti: Defeat the BJP to Save Democracy and Constitution

Paying tribute to Babasaheb Ambedkar on his death his birth anniversary on April 14, a public meeting organised by INDIA Alliance in Charpokhari block in Arrah’s Agiaon. Before the meeting, a life-size statue of Ambedkar was unveiled by CPIML General Secretary Dipankar and other leaders at Maulabagh welfare hostel in Ara. Several ex-students and current students of the hostel joined to fulfill their long-awaited dream of having an Ambedkar statue in the hostel campus.