AIPWA Organizes March against Inflation, Unemployment

On the occasion of the 8th AIPWA state conference, AIPWA organized a march in Darbhanga on 10 September, culminating in a meeting at Laheriyaserai Tower. The demands raised through the march were: curbing inflation; roll back GST on petrol, diesel, cooking gas and food items; high level enquiry into the Rajwada episode; release Pappu Khan and other innocent people and withdraw cases against them. The march was led by AIPWA leaders including Shashi Yadav and Saroj Chaube.

Speaking at the meeting, AIPWA leaders said that the Modi government has failed on all fronts including education, employment, health, curbing violence against women. They made special mention of the struggle for rights of scheme workers including ASHA workers, Anganwadi workers and Rasoiyas against oppression and exploitation. They pledged not to rest until the anti-people Modi government was ousted from power.