Third State Conference of AIPWA Rajasthan

The State Conference of All India Progressive Women Association (AIPWA) Rajasthan was held on September 17 in Jaipur. The conference was attended by more than two hundred delegates from districts including Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, Pratapgarh, Salumber and Dausa in Rajasthan. The conference started with paying homage to the martyrs of the people’s movements and departed comrades of AIPWA.

Addressing the delegates in inaugural session AIPWA National General Secretary Meena Tiwari said this conference is taking place at a challenging time when fascist forces under Modi Govt are undermining the dignity and independence of the women. It is snatching away their hard earned rights. Those committing offences against women are glorified as ‘sanskari’ while women themselves are held responsible for crimes against them. The government celebrated with much fanfare the 75th Azaadi Mahotsav but the harsh reality is that working women are struggling to save their livelihoods, rights and dignity. Observer to the conference AIPWA leader from Jharkhand Geeta Mandal said that Modi govt is the biggest hindrance to the women’s movement for their rights. The women are fighting with all their might and courage against the patriarchal forces protected by the government and it is essential that we broad base the movement and hit the streets with all our strength.

PUCL National Secretary Kavita Srivastava said that the struggle against bulldozer raj is going on while the hijab incident, triple talaq and debate around uniform civil code shows how govt is pitting communities against each other to communalize the situation. While the govt is seen shielding the accused, the Me Too movement, women wrestlers movement and women participation in farmers movement shows how nationwide women are getting united to seek justice and equality.

The speakers said that rape, witchhunting, female feticide, crimes for dowry, honour killings are the reality of the society against which women movement has to struggle to win women their rightful place. Security and dignity at the workplace is still a far cry. Women's right to choose their partners and assert their independence is sought to be curtailed. The new labour codes to favour rich and corporates are further pushing working women to informal jobs. In this situation it becomes even more essential to strengthen the revolutionary women organisation AIPWA to strengthen the women's movement.

The organisational report was deliberated upon by the delegates and adopted. The conference elected twenty-five strong State Executive. Manjulata and Farhat Banu were unanimously elected as State President and State Secretary by the executive. Political resolutions regarding right to work, against communal politics, extending interest free loan to self employed women, unfair recovery practices of microfinance companies, and guaranteed ration to every needy household was adopted. It was resolved that the new executive committee will work to extend work of AIPWA in all districts of Rajasthan.